Outstanding Officer Awards

Our AIS community relies heavily on volunteers to serve in various roles. The MWAIS Executive Board voted to create an Outstanding Officer Award to recognize member(s) of the MWAIS Executive Board (EB) who show above-average leadership, dedication, and commitment to the chapter by executing duties exceptionally well and/or taking on duties beyond what is expected from per the MWAIS Bylaws in service of the chapters’ business.

 Thank you for your service to the MWAIS community!


Ryan Scheutzler (University of Nebraska Omaha) was recognized for his leadership as President of MWAIS.


Don Heath (University of Wisconsin Osh Kosh) was recognized for his hard work with the MWAIS conference.

2018 (inaugural)

Ryan Schuetzler (University of Nebraska-Omaha) was recognized for his work on the MWAIS logo redesign project as well as the new lapel pins.

Shana Ponelis (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) was recognized for her work as President and for leading the MWAIS website design project with the help of a student team from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Nonprof-IT initiative.

Best Paper Awards

At each year’s conference the Program (Co-)Chairs identify the best papers based on blind peer reviews. The Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems (JMWAIS) has provided cash prizes for these conference papers upon acceptance for publication.

Congratulations to the following papers and their authors!


Towards a Cybersecurity Testbed for Agriculturual Vehicles and Environments
Mark Freyhof (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)
George Grispos (University of Nebraska – Omaha)
Santosh Pitla (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)
Cody Stolle (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)


1st place:
Reactions to Online Criticism: Retaliatory Behaviors in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Andrew Harrison (University of Cincinnati)
Craig Froehle (University of Cincinnati)
David Rapien (University of Cincinnati)

2nd place:
Consumer Skepticism as it Relates to E Commerce Data Breaches and Company Efforts to Enhance Trust
Steven Muzatko (University of Wisconsin Green Bay)
Gaurav Bansal (University of Wisconsin Green Bay)

3rd place:
A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Approaches for Human Activity Recognition
Loknath Sai Ambati (Dakota State University)
Omar El-Gayar (Dakota State University)


1st Place
Modular and Collaborative Theorizing: A Move Away from Theoretical Superstars
Jeffrey Wall (Michigan Technological University)

2nd place
Trust Violations and Rebuilding After a Data Breach: Role of Environmental Stewardship and Underlying Motives
Gaurav Bensal (University of Wisconsin Green Bay)
Noah Redfearn (University of Wisconsin Green Bay)

3rd place
Building Trust in Healthcare IoT
Madhav Sharma (Oklahoma State University)
David Biros (Oklahoma State University)


1st place
Complying with BYOD Security Policies: A Moderation Model
Cindy Zhiling Tu (Northwest Missouri State University),
Joni Adkins (Northwest Missouri State University), and
Gary Yu Zhao (Northwest Missouri State University

2nd place
Mobile Course Feedback System for Improving Student Engagement
Nathaniel Williams (Missouri University of Science & Technology)
Jake Mondschein (Missouri University of Science & Technology)
Mark Farmer (Missouri University of Science & Technology)
Nathan Twyman (Missouri University of Science & Technology)

3rd place
Role of Decision Making in Predicting Health Behavior
Neetu Singh (University of Illinois at Springfield),
Apoorva Kanthwal (University of Illinois at Springfield),
Prashant Bidhuri (University of Illinois at Springfield) and
Anusha Vijaykumar Munnolli (University of Illinois at Springfield)


1st Place
How User Information Assurance Influences Perceived Information Control in Cloud Storage Service: A Self Determination Perspective
Yuan Li, University of Illinois Springfield
Kuo-Chung Chang, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan
Jingguo Wang, University of Texas at Arlington

2nd Place
Media Choice in Asynchronous Deception Detection
Roger W. McHaney, Kansas State University
Joey F. George, Iowa State University
Manjul Gupta, Florida International University

3rd Place
Filter Bubble, Selective Exposure, and Integrative Complexity
Elahe Javadi, Illinois State University
Nancy L. Novotny, Illinois State University
Elnaz Mirrahimi, Illinois State University
Navid Rajabi, Illinois State University


1st place
Motivating Employees to Comply with Information Security Policies
David Sikolia, Ilinois State University
David Biros, Oklahoma State University

2nd place
Moral Beliefs and Organizational Information Security Policy Compliance: The
Role of Gender
Gaurav Bansal, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Kayla Hodorff, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Kyle Marshall, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

3rd place
A Typology of Student Social Media Users: A Posting Behavior Perspective
Robert Miller, Central Michigan University
James Melton, Central Michigan University


1st place 
Information Complexity, Presentation Rhetoric, and Message Impact: A Study on American Healthcare
Monica Bordoloi, Open Sesame Corporation
Anne Powell, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Bijoy Bordoloi, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

2nd place

Strategic Asset Transfer in IT Outsourcing Contracts
Shivendu Shivendu, University of California, Irvine and Qiang Zeng, Shantou

3rd place
Testing the Empowerment Model of Behavioral Change
Omer Alrwais, Claremont Graduate University
Omar Aboulola, Claremont Graduate University
Osamah Altammami, Claremont Graduate University
Brian Hilton, Claremont Graduate University

Best Reviewer Awards

Peer review is a critical yet under-appreciated service in our community. Taking the time to provide thorough and constructive peer reviews is vital to IS researchers. The Program (Co-)Chairs identify the peer reviewer(s) that went above and beyond to provide constructive feedback.

Thank you for your service to the IS community!


Nikhil Mehta, University of North Carolina Greensboro


Connie Barber, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

2018 (inaugural)

Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Missouri University of Science & Technology
Honorable mention: Elahe Javadi, Illinois State University