Our AIS community relies heavily on volunteers to serve in various roles. The MWAIS Executive Board voted to create an Outstanding Officer Award to recognize member(s) of the MWAIS Executive Board (EB) who show above-average leadership, dedication, and commitment to the chapter by executing duties exceptionally well and/or taking on duties beyond what is expected from per the MWAIS Bylaws in service of the chapters’ business.

Nominees must be nominated by a current member of the MWAIS who is familiar with the nominee’s contribution and accomplishments. The nominator must provide a supporting statement and evidence of the nominee’s contribution and accomplishments. The nominee must be a member in good standing of the AIS and MWAIS, be a current member of the EB at the time of nomination, and have attended at least 80% of all EB meetings during term of office. Activities need not be limited to the most recent year and could have taken place during any time while serving on the EB.

To receive the award, a nominee must receive the support of at least two-thirds of the current MWAIS EB members who participate in the vote. If there are multiple nominations meeting the criteria, more than one award can be made. If there are no nominations, nominations do not meet the criteria, or no nominations receive adequate support from the MWAIS EB, an award will not be made.

Chapter awards are presented each May at the annual conference. At this year’s conference in St Louis, Missouri, two Outstanding Officer awards were made. Ryan Schuetzler (Secretary) was recognized for his outstanding work on the time-consuming MWAIS logo redesign project as well as the new lapel pins, which were distributed to attendees at the MWAIS 2018 conference. Our new logo represents our chapter’s purpose to connect information systems academics, students and professionals from across the Midwestern United States and beyond. Shana Ponelis also received an Outstanding Officer Award in recognition of her work as President and for leading the MWAIS website design project with the help of a student team from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Nonprof-IT initiative.

Thank you for your service to our chapter! We hope to recognize many more officers for their outstanding contributions in future.